Savings Club now comes in 4 different options!

Spread the cost of birthday or other celebrations by reserving your toys and gifts now and paying the balance off when you can afford it!

Edinburgh baby co ltd - Savings Club Options

1. Savers1: 2-week payment plan. Pay a 10% deposit using Savers1

2. Savers2: 4-week payment plan. Pay a 20% deposit using Savers2

3. Savers3: 4-month payment plan. Pay a 20% deposit using Savers3

4. If you need more options please email [email protected] and we can set up an individual plan. We also do in-store payment options just ask us for details.

How To Open A Savings Club

1. Fill your basket with products from the website.

2. Enter the appropriate code into the voucher box at the check-out. This will reduce your total balance to the non-refundable* deposit which is to be paid immediately.

3. An invoice will then be created for you, typically within 2-5 working days from the order being made, which you will be able to access and pay in instalments. This is manually generated and sent to the email address you provide on checking out.

4. Payment must be made in full before goods are dispatched, and partial dispatch is not available.

5. Please email [email protected] when your balance has been paid to let us know.

Savings Club Terms

1. A non-refundable deposit of 10-20% is due immediately and applies to any cancellation of a product, including return, subject to a 14-day grace period in place from the date of invoice.

2. Your balance is due within the timeframes stated in the Savings Club Options above e.g. Savers 3 balance is payable within 4 months of the invoice creation date.

3. The price at time of addition to list is final. No further discounts may be applied. No flash deals, including temporary raised discounts, may be applied to the Savings Club.

4. Open to residents of UK and Ireland. Outside the UK, please contact [email protected] to discuss.

5. Standard shipping fees apply.

6. You may open a maximum of two invoices at a time.

7. When using , if you have more than one open invoice, please indicate if you have a preference otherwise it will be added to your most recently opened invoice.

8. It is imperative that we are notified of any change of address to avoid any dispatch errors. We cannot be held responsible for this not being communicated to us as your Savings Club will be shipped to the delivery address chosen at the check out unless we are otherwise notified.

9. Savings Clubs are processed differently to normal orders so please allow a minimum of 7 days for dispatch, and a minimum of 14 days around the festive period and advertised busy periods.

10. We cannot combine Savings Clubs with normal orders and subscriptions.

11. The Savings Clubs may be temporarily closed or made limited during busy times.

12. Any unpaid Savings Club that has passed the due date may be cancelled. All efforts will be made to contact you before that happens.