Best Years The Best Place to Find Toys for the Best Years of Our Lives.

Best years love toys. They love how they help imaginative play, and help cement friendships. They love how children create worlds around their toys and this is why they feel that toys should be as special as the children who play with them. This is why they spend their searching for the best possible toys and the people who can make them. they like to work with people who share their values, which is why they have created partnerships, within the fair trade cooperatives. They also work with artisans in Peru and disabled groups in Vietnam. Talented people who make the most gorgeous toys Not only are the toys super cute they are uniquely suited to the needs of young children. Knitted and crochet toys bring a tactile quality to baby toys which is great for helping sensory development. They are also robust enough to stand up to even the most active of toddler play. And it helps that they are machine washable too!

These toys have it all - fun, engaging, loads of play value, tactile, bright, practical and handmade.

About Best years

Best Years have been specialising in making toys for over 10 years and were the first people to introduce knitted dinosaurs to the world!

Having young children themselfs the appeal of knitted and crochet toys was instant as it offered a great alternative to the ubiquitous soft toys found all over the high street.

They are an ethical company and ethical sourcing is at the core of all of their products so we found a great factory to make our first knitted toys for us, and now we have hundreds, still working with the same people we met all those years ago.