Triclimb - Wibli - Rainbow

Introducing the Wibli ladder for Triclimb. The Wibli ladder is an undulating curvy ladder that attaches securely to the rungs of your Triclimb reducing the climbing angle and increasing the difficulty.

Wibli connects to your Triclimb safely and securely using the unique Trifix system that quickly and easily locks Wibli into place in seconds with the need for any tools. Once connected to Triclimb, Wibli further challenges children to climb, grip, balance and build confidence in their abilities. The angle can be altered by using different rungs on the Triclimb and children can tackle the new climbing feature at a pace that suits them.

Wibli is safe, stable, strong and fully tested as a children’s climbing toy up to 100Kg weight limit. Triclimb and Wibli create a solid platform that opens up a world of play possibilities at a pace that is dictated by your child.

  • Suitable for all ages
  • Weight limit 100Kg
  • Hand made in Wales
  • FSC/PEFC sustainable wood
  • Water based lacquer
  • Suitable for indoor use only
  • Dimensions: Length 1200x360x100mm

TriFix Joint compatible. The Wibli ladder has fixings at the bottom that allow the addition of the TriFix joint sold separately. When a TriFix joint is added to the bottom end of the Wibli you can then connect a Triclimb frame to both ends of the ladder creating additional play opportunities.

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