Triclimb - Biri

Expand your play possibilities with the Biri board. A stainless steel easel if you like, wipeable and magnetic making it perfect for wipeable marker pens and chalks but also anything magentic that will sticks. When laid on the floor it also makes a play tray which is great for small word contained play spaces.

Biri is a board that attaches to your Triclimb securely at the desired angle with a stainless steel surface. Markers or chalks can be used to make works of art that can be easily wiped away allowing children to get creative over and over again. Magentic toys and blocks stick to the steel surface so children can incorporate these into their creations or make clever ball runs. Biri also makes a wonderful play tray when laid on the floor upside down.

Biri attaches to your Triclimb without the need for tools but an adult is required to attach it. Made from sustainable wood and European steel. The steel surface will scratch and mark over time but this does not affect its usage. Please do not use permanent markers on the surface, only wipeable pens and chalk should be used. Biri is not for climbing.

  • Suitable for all ages
  • Attaches to Triclimb
  • Made from sustainable wood
  • Finished in water based lacquer
  • Brushed steel play and drawing surface
  • Dimensions 720x420mm
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