The Little Green Sheep - Natural Mamas and Papas Moses Basket Mattress

Free from toxins and harmful chemicals  With a Little Green Sheep moses basket mattress, you can rest easy knowing that your baby is sleeping safely in a pure and healthy environment, free from toxins and harmful chemicals  Free from chemical fire retardant sprays or adhesives (found in most moses basket mattresses)  We meet all British Safety standards naturally One mattress, four ingredients…the most natural night’s sleep The Little Green Sheep moses basket mattresses are handmade, using only four natural ingredients, of the best quality:  Breathable Cotton - Aids breathability and grown without the use of pesticides  Supportive Coconuts – Coconut fibres form a supportive core, acting as thousands of tiny springs and reducing pressure points  Comfy Natural Latex – Derived from the Hevea Tree, binding the coconut fibres and acts as a comfy, supportive layer  Wool – hypo-allergenic and temperature regulating, comfy layers of organic sheep’s wool remove the need for chemical fire retardant sprays as it is a naturally fire-proofing material Anti-Dust Mite & Breathable  Naturally hypo-allergenic fleece wool disperses moisture to create a clean, dry and anti-dust mite environment The moses basket mattress cover is not waterproof so to prevent any damage to your mattress it is advised that you must always use a Little Green Sheep mattress protector.
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